Our Firm & Services

our-firm-and-services-big-imageMaverick Healthcare Consulting is a professional services firm with a proven track record in Improving Healthcare Value by developing actionable strategy, improving the Quality of Care and the Patient Experience, and reducing the Cost of Care.  In a crowded professional services landscape, our firm is clearly differentiated by our Fundamental Principles:

Dynamic Strategy Management

“Speed to Value” has never been more important than it is today – and “Innovation” has never been more critical.  We assist clients to rapidly develop a “directionally correct” strategy for action, and then to adjust and refresh that strategy as  conditions evolve.  As opposed to a “traditional” strategy that can take  a long time to create, (and then become “shelf art,”) our firms approach to Strategic Acceleration rapidly puts your organization on the path to top decile healthcare Quality, Patient Experience and Cost.

Tailored Design

We believe that no single “one size fits all” methodology will optimize your organization’s ability to increase the value of healthcare.  Our approach incorporates a robust variety of innovative tools and methodologies to assist you to rapidly meet and exceed your goals.

Durable Process Management

We understand the frustration of ephemeral gains, and work with your people to “hard wire” improvements so that they are sustainable and repeatable.

Outcomes Driven

Our clients typically target and achieve top decile results.   With Maverick Healthcare Consulting the true focus is on “what is accomplished” rather than on what activities are performed.

Experts Only

When you engage Maverick Healthcare Consulting, 100% of our assistance is provided by our Principals or Expert Advisors, all of whom are highly experienced healthcare industry professionals.  Each has held senior positions in top quality healthcare organizations and/or nationally recognized healthcare consulting firms.