Our People

The Maverick Healthcare Consulting Team

Our Clients will tell you that Maverick Healthcare Consulting is clearly a leader in improving healthcare quality. In fact, one of them, an avid snow skier, gave us the idea for our logo: the double black diamond. To a snow skier, the double black diamond means two things. “Experts Only” and “Most Difficult.”

Experts Only

It is not unusual for the large consultancies to bring you a team of individuals with a very wide range of experience… some fresh out of college or graduate school. Bright individuals, willing and anxious to learn, but lacking the effectiveness that comes with experience.

This will never happen with the Maverick Healthcare Consulting Team. We have intentionally kept our size small. Our Principals have nearly 70 years of combined consulting and health care industry experience We have extensive experience in designing and implementing innovative programs resulting in measurable and sustainable positive change. We not only understand “what to do” but more importantly “how to do it.”

That experience has taught us that to help our clients develop truly innovative solutions for improving healthcare quality, an even broader set of specialized expertise is required. That is why we have developed a panel of over 20 “Expert Advisors.” These Expert Advisors include physicians and healthcare executives that have successfully implemented complex programs resulting in breakthrough achievement in a wide variety of areas. Our Expert Advisors understand your responsibilities because they walk in your shoes. They know that results matter, and are happy to guide and inspire your innovation team as needed.

Most Difficult

Our Principals and Expert Advisors have achieved success in some of the most difficult healthcare consulting challenges imaginable. Design and implementation of award winning healthcare quality management programs. Merger integration of large previously fierce competitors. Clinical and financial turnarounds. Creation of innovative clinical information / CPOE systems. Strategic, clinical, operational, technical challenges.

Our Healthcare Consulting Team is able to help your organization duplicate the achievements of other industry “Top Performers” and relish the challenge of helping you to redefine what it means to be an industry leader.

Terrence P. Carroll, PhD

Specializes in information management, digital health strategies, innovation, organization design and transformation.

Scott Hodson

Specializes in Quality Management, strategy, clinical process improvement, and patient throughput optimization with an emphasis on implementation.

Rick Smith

Specializes in Quality Management, strategy, operations and financial consulting with an emphasis on implementation.