Reduce the Cost of Care

Reduce the Cost of Care


Healthcare providers are constantly challenged with doing more with less.  You strive to Provide a better patient experience, with improved quality and satisfaction, improved population health, and reduced the cost of care.  Patients across the country are increasingly demanding higher value healthcare.

As demand for high-value healthcare builds, delivery organizations face a near term imperative to transform the way they operate.  They strive to eliminate inefficiency and waste within individual operating units, and improve coordination of care to eliminate duplication of services and avoidable hospitalizations and emergency visits.

Our Principals and Expert Advisors have a wealth of experience in reducing the costs of care and improving efficiency at the hospital or other operating unit level.  We have a track record of success in improving Operating Room, Emergency Department, and patient care throughput, increasing labor productivity, and implementing evidence-based standards of care.

Additionally, while improving the quality of care, we have successfully assisted clients in reducing costly hospital-acquired conditions, reducing readmissions and Potentially Avoidable Volume (PAV), and improving the coordination of care across the continuum to avoid unnecessary acute care admissions.